The Search for Tzniut

Perhaps one of the most popular topics in Judaism, Tzniut is also one of the most misconstrued and misrepresented topics. To most, it is and always has been merely a matter of dress: how long is your skirt? how low is your collar? will you stand out? But what really is this idea that is enumerated Biblically as one of only three things that God asks of us? And what does it truly have to do with the matter of covering one’s knees? In trying to answer this question, we have decided to abandon all preconceptions about the topic and instead examine, as unbiased as we can manage, Talmudic discussions of Tzniut, along with an in-depth investigation of the Biblical approach to the word (the root appears only twice in the entire Tanach). Hopefully this will lead to a clearer and more inclusive definition of Tzniut, unhampered by preconceived notions.

Issue One: Value vs. Ideal
Issue Two: Range
Isuue Three: Context

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