The Torah View on Christianity

Christianity is fundamentally concerned with the Jew, and since the dawn of Christianity the relationship between Jew and Christian has played a prominent role in both Jewish and Secular history. Depending on the date, the geography, the surroundings, and the perspective Christianity can appear as the antithesis of Judaism or the very sign that Judaism is successful in being a light unto the nations and spreading monotheism. But regardless of appearance how do the doctrines of Christianity line up with the definition, or definitions, of Avodah Zorah which Judaism provides? And what practical ramifications emerge from whether or not Christianity is classified as Avodah Zora? To gain any clarity on these issues a definition of Avodah Zorah must first be attained, as well as an understanding of what role doctrine and belief play in our lives. In many ways the question of how Judaism views Christianity, or any other religion, is equally a question of how Judaism views itself.

Issue One: Principle Belief

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