Gender/Women in Judaism

The role of women and, by extension, men within the world and realm of Torah is a constant matter of discussion and debate -- especially in modern times whereby these roles, even within our general society, are also under continuous scrutiny and in continuous flux. Such an investigation, almost by definition, must touch upon a myriad of micro issues as it attempts to cover numerous questions of specific behaviour and outlook. At the root of the issue, though, is the great macro question: how are we to understand the distinction in the sexes? How does God wish us to view males and females? Much of the investigation on this subject revolves around the questions of “what is halachically permitted?” and “what is halachically desired?” At the root of the issue, though, is the recognition that the very determination of “permitted” and “desired” is in itself a matter of great controversy and, thus, demanded Torah study.

Issue One: Group and Individual

NISHMA B’IYUN: Women in Judaism Study Sheets: 
These study sheets represent an extensive, methodical, intense and on-going study of the role of women within the framework of the Taryag (613) mitzvot. For further information and to view available sheets on the website, click here.

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