Jewish Thought: The Calm and the Storm
Webshiur with Rabbi Hecht

Rak Am Chacham v'Navon:
The Nishma Torah Hour

The Halachic Spectrum
with Rabbi Aaron Selevan

Other Lectures


KosherTube is the official website of the Electronic Torah Educational Foundation, a nonprofit organization established in 2007 by Michael Kigel and David Ostriker.

KosherTube, which features Torah television and video productions, is highly recommended by Nishma as its shows cover the halachic gamut.

Nishma has partnered with KosherTube on several occasions and Rabbi Hecht serves as a member of KosherTube's Rabbinical Advisory Board.

Shiurim with Rabbi Hecht

Chanukah - The REAL story, can you handle it?

Tznius Is it Modesty or Grace?
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Exodus (Shemot) and Counterdemos

Israel, The People, The Land and The War

Get yourself a Rabbi?


The following are programmes, featuring Nishma personalities, from the television show, Passages, hosted by Michael Kigel.

(Various episodes of Passages are featured on

Messianic Times Now?
(Rabbi Hecht with Prof. Herb Basser)
Messianic Times Now?, Part 1
Messianic Times Now?, Part 2
Messianic Times Now?, Part 3

Moses and the Messiah
(Rabbi Hecht with Rabbi Dan Rand)
Moses and the Messiah, Part 1
Moses and the Messiah, Part 2
Moses and the Messiah, Part 3


Koshertube has recently re-launched itself in a new format that is most exciting with greater selection and more inter-active possibilities. In the process, not all of the videos that were on the old site have yet been transfered to the new site. All following videos, as such, may not yet have been transfered so please bear with us if they are not yet accessible.

Body as Revelation

In this episode of the television show 'Passages,' Dodi-Lee Hecht, frequent Nishma contributer and author of the Nishma web column
Hollywood and Sinai, and author Dr. Menachem Feuer discuss the moment of revelation. Dr. Michael Kigel hosts.

Body as Revelation


A 13-part series on Rambam's Thirteen Roots of Faith produced in 2004,
Credo13 features Rabbi Benjamin Hecht as one of seven scholars discussing a principle per episode. Others featured on the show include Rabbi David Novak, Prof Marc Shapiro and Rabbi Shalom Carmy.

The show was co-produced and written by Chai Hecht, nishma contributer and author of the Nishma web column
Moral Hazard.

Currentyly four of the thirteen episodes are available for viewing:

Episode Three: God Has No Body
Episode Nine: The Torah is Eternal
Episode Eleven: Reward and Punishment
Episode Thirteen: Resurrection of the Dead

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Jewish Thought:
The Calm and the Storm
Webshiur with Rabbi Hecht

Tuesday Evenings at 10:00pm (EST, GMT -5h) Rabbi Hecht's Webshiur, Jewish Thought: The Calm and The Storm, is live and interactive on
  The Encounter at Sinai

Available at


The following episodes of Jewish Thought: The Calm and the Storm are availableon the site and available for download:

Sinat Chinum

In preparation for Tisha B'Av, Rabbi Hecht discusses the concept of Sinat Chinum, which he translates as "purposeless hatred." He explains that the great challenge that we face, which can sadly lead to sinat chinum, is properly relating to those with whom we disagree, both within the realm of Torah and those outside the realm of Torah. It is this difficult task that we must face and undertake to meet as we contemplate the enormous tragedy of the Three Weeks.

Sinat Chinum: Part One
Sinat Chinum: Part Two

Introduction to Jewish Thought

Rabbi Hecht begins his regular shiurim on Virtual Yeshiva with an introduction to the structure of Jewish Thought, at least from his perspective. His topics include a view of the moral universe,
human psychology and the moral guidelines of Torah and, what is termed, natural morality.

Introduction: Part One
Introduction: Part Two
Introduction: Part Three

Rak Am Chacham v'Navon:
The Nishma Torah Hour

In the past, Nishma offered an internet radio programme that expressed Nishma's approach to Torah study. Each show focused on a specific topic with the goal, in true Nishma fashion, to present the halachic spectrum and foster critical, individual inquiry. The show featured Torah presentations by Rabbi Hecht and fellow member of the Nishma Circle of Scholars, Rabbi Aaron Selevan, as well as comments from various individuals.
  The following episodes of Rak Am Chacham v'Navon: The Nishma Torah Hour are currently available for download:

Introductory Shows

As the introductory shows in the radio series, these episodes focused on the uniqueness of Nishma and its approach to Torah study. In addition to Rabbi Hecht's words on the Nishma method of investigating Torah, different individuals involved with Nishma share what they find to be uniquely beneficial in their connection with this form of Torah study.

Episode One: Introduction
Episode Two: Kinetic Torah

The Halachic Spectrum
with Rabbi Aaron Selevan

Thursday Evenings in Toronto, Rabbi Aaron Selevan offers advanced shiurim in various halachic topics, all distinguished by their spectrum of sources and the search to discover the essence of any disagreement.
  The following shiurim from The Halachic Spectrum are currently available for download:

Brit Milah: Topics in Circumcision

De'Rabbanan: Rabbinical Laws

Kavod and Oneg Shabbat:
The Mitzvoth of Honoring and Enjoying Shabbat

Tein Tal U'Mattar

Reasons for Mitzvot

Bitul Chametz

The Pesach Seder


Other Lectures

Beyond the programmes above, Nishma has also sponsored many outside lectures and Nishma personalities are often featured in lectures sponsored by other organizations.

Here, a sampling of such lectures is presented.
  The following lectures are currently available for download:

Respecting Halachic Pluralism:
The Antidote to Sinat Chinum

Torah in Motion has, for many years, offered, in Toronto, a special Tisha B'Av programme, entitled 'Tisha B'Av in Thought and Action,' that brings together speakers from different places on the Torah spectrum for a day of appropriate contemplation in the spirit of the tzom.

This is a lecture presented on one of these occasions by Rabbi Hecht.

Respecting Halachic Pluralism:
The Antidote to Sinat Chinum
Part One

Respecting Halachic Pluralism:
The Antidote to Sinat Chinum
Part Two

Further information about Torah in Motion is available at their website

Above Tolerance, Above Rote

OURadio's "Around the Dining Room Table" with Steve Savitsky, President of the Orthodox Union, interviewed Rabbi Hecht on the subject of unity within the Orthodox world and how we should respond to to distinctions in Torah practice.

This interview is available at: