It has been said that when Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik presented a shiur (class), though it was stocked full of brilliant Torah ideas, one still always had the feeling that he had much more to say. And, no doubt, he probably did. Torah is an elaborate labyrinth, challenging and enticing to those who pursue it, precisely because of its never-ending quality. Nishma believes that it is the responsibility of each generation to try and add to the elucidation of Torah, as is evident by our large library of articles and publications. However, the nature of Torah is such that it is only possible to attempt such elucidation after extensive immersion in the loving labor of Talmud Torah. And the value of such elucidation is only fully realized if it is complimented by re-immersion. While Nishma is best known for its published work and classroom presentations, it is the research that stands behind these writings and classes, the research which allows Nishma to maintain its depth, intelligence and uniqueness, which we consider to be the heart of all we do. It is only after weaving in and out of the vast array of sephorim in the Nishma library, only after exploring paths of uncertain end, only after the wild, borderless and creative learning that has marked Judaism from its start, that Nishma is ever able to articulate this vital wildness into organized and directed presentations

Over the years many students and scholars have realized the great resource Nishma offers through its research, and have attached themselves to Nishma for this very reason. Nishma&rsquos learning encouraged, led and inspired them to forge their own exploration into Torah texts and creative thought. Sometimes they have returned with presentable compilations of their learning, sometimes not, but always they have returned with more insight, more questions and a bit of a glow on their thirsty faces, anxious to continue their never-ending pursuit. 

We, at Nishma, would like to make our research, in its research stage, more readily available to students and scholars all over the world. Unfortunately we cannot invite (or fit) the entire list of Nishma subscribers to sit with us in our Beis Midrash. What we are able to provide is the following list of topics currently being investigated at Nishma, with information describing the approach to these topics that we are taking. In this way our students will be made more aware of what is happening at Nishma behind the scenes. Some of our researchers have even agreed to update written accounts of their research, providing the pressing questions which direct their study and some of the sources they are currently investigating. To view these updates, along with articles that have emerged from Nishma research on these topics, please follow the appropriate links provided below.

We&rsquore sure the topics that interest us at Nishma are the topics that interest many of our readers and supporters. We hope you will turn to Nishma for advice and guidance in your own study of these topics, as well as keep us updated on your progress and Torah discoveries, through the use of a new discussion board.

Research Topic Index

The Torah View on Christianity
(Last Updated July 25, 2007)

The Search for Tzniut
(Last Updated June 13, 2007)

Gender/Women in Judaism
(Last Updated August 26, 2007)