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NISHMA investigates the many challenges that Man encounters both individually and communally.

In the search for solutions, NISHMA fully articulates the dilemmas and analyzes the depths of the issues with the recognition that simplicity is often an escape that can lead to further affliction.

NISHMA celebrates the grey, for only through life as it is does G-d offer Man the opportunity for emulation, for greatness.

"...keep all the words of this Torah carefully.
It is not an empty teaching for you. It is your Life..."
Devarim 32:45,46,47

You will never know the true joy, of self as it meets Truth until you enter the grey ... breathe it in, turn it over in your mind. We burn and we soar.

  • Calls upon and directs individuals to become active thinkers as a necessary aspect of their Torah commitment
  • Examines and probes contemporary issues through the lens of the fullness of Torah
  • Investigates the policy demands of the community
  • Encourages the presentation of Torah in all its splendour
  • Promotes a symphonic unity
NISHMA offers several publications including the weekly Insight, Introspection, and the Journal, plus Nishma Junior for teens and preteens.

NISHMA's publications and programmes deal with matters both timely and timeless, issues of the human condition and its interrelationship with the conditions imposed by Torah.